Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) is a voluntary organization which increases the ability of leadership and characteristic of the students of school,college and university.BNCC is the second line of defense of Bangladesh. In the time of crisis of country, the cadets of BNCC stand beside Army, Navy and Air Force as their helping hand. In the year of 1923 this organization starts their journey with 100 students and 16 teachers of Dhaka University. In 1943 it was known as UOTC. After 1971 it was known as BCC and JCC. In 1979 Honorable President Ziaur Rahman regrouped UOTC,BCC & JCC and named that group BNCC.

     Most of the countries of the world has their own  NCC including Bangladesh. There are a lot of institutions in Bangladesh which has Platoon of BNCC and Tejgaon College is one of them. The cadets of Tejgaon College BNCC Platoon(TCP) performed in several activities in different times. Those activities increase the familiarity of BD worldwide and the familiarity of Tejgaon College through country.

The cadets of Tejgaon College Platoon(TCP) take part in many camps, cultural activities, social activities and foreign tour. Besides this the cadets also participate in college’s internal program.TCP arranges weekly drill class on Friday and theory class on Saturday .These activities create a habit of disciplined life which will make their lives easy.

BNCC is directed by Military Officials and for providing practical knowledge among cadets BNCC arranges several camps every year like Victory Day Parade, Independence Day Parade, Regiment Camping, Central Training and Exercise etc.TCP cadets participate on these camps and make a milestone of bravery, ability and intelligence .

The cadets of TCP take part in many social activities.Blood Donating,Tree Plantation are some of them.It teaches the cadets about social responsibilities.

Though BNCC is a voluntary organization, it is renowned all over the country. Tejgaon College BNCC Platoon is  reputed in BNCC Regiment. Behind this success there was a lot of hardship of Honorable Principle of Tejgaon College Prof. Dr. Md. Harun-Or-Rashid and Under Officer(s) of Tejgaon College Platoon(TCP).They have played very important role to bring TCP at this stage. The Cadets of TCP are promising, brave and disciplined also. The participation from both side  is the only cause of today’s success of TCP.

Tejgaon College Inspection of DG BNCC 2022
Tejgaon College Inspection of Bn Adjutant-1 BNCC 2023
Tejgaon College BNCC Cadets with Honorable Education Minister and VC of NU